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  • Believe it or not, Pricing needs Procurement

    Oct, 06, 2015

    Or why every person who sets prices needs to spend time with a purchasing manager. Every time I conduct a pricing workshop, during a tour de tables, I ask delegates amongst other questions whether their company has a Pricing department and whether their company has a Procurement department. The answer is typically 80% – 100% […]

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  • Three Simple Pricing Rules for any SME

    Sep, 29, 2015

    One of the biggest myths in pricing is that “its all about the dollars and cents”, the figures that go on the price tag we attach to our product or service. Pricing is so much more than that: most of the 80 or so public or in-house pricing workshops that I’ve facilitated over the years […]

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  • Does Your Pricing Stink?

    Sep, 21, 2015

    How to entice customers to buy Last week, I was in Shanghai delivering some in-house and public workshops on value-based pricing. As the name suggests, time in the workshop is devoted to identifying the economic value provided by a company’s products or services. One of these workshops was for a company that sells fragrances. Sounds […]

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  • The Deer Have Now Got Guns

    Sep, 07, 2015

    The latest Pricing revolution has started The French have always loved their food. So its hardly surprising that rising food prices, amongst other factors, contributed to the French Revolution of 1789 -1799. Several decades later, a Frenchman started another, less well known revolution: a pricing revolution. Louis Auguste Boileau was a retailing visionary, many years ahead of […]

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  • Which Way to the Bank That Accepts a Deposit of Market Share?

    Aug, 31, 2015

    Sometimes, price wars can make sense Is there “pricing logic” behind the current price war being fought between Coles & Woolworths? Pricing theory tells us that there are three situations where a price war may make sense, none of which support the strategies pursued by the two supermarkets. Price wars make sense when there is […]

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  • The Sound of Silence

    Aug, 27, 2015

    Should you drop your prices if customers don’t say anything? Silence isn’t a sound that most leaders want to hear in the aftermath of their pitch for new business. Still, if customers don’t immediately sign on the dotted line, silence is the second best reaction. Let me explain. I recently I had lunch with the […]

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