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  • Pricing…and the role of Traditional Economic Theory

    Nov, 30, 2015

    What role, if any, should it play in pricing? A couple of weeks ago, I was a panelist at the NAB Small Business Summit. Along with two other panelists, we discussed the importance of cash flow, from a tax, accounting and pricing perspective. During the Q&A session at the end, I was asked a (commonly-asked) […]

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  • A Pricing Lesson from Richard Gere

    Nov, 19, 2015

    Customers will tell you what they will pay…after the deal is done One of the most frequently asked questions i’m asked is “How do we know we’re charging the right price?”. A recent Richard Gere movie offers an answer. In Arbitrage, Richard Gere plays a businessman who is in the process of selling his company. Eventually, the […]

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  • The Warren Buffett School of Pricing

    Nov, 09, 2015

    My last post (“Are you Pricing Like Dennis Denuto?”) seems to have resonated with many readers. As an interesting juxtaposition, in this week’s column, I thought I’d take a look at five of my favourite and most powerful pricing quotes, three of which come from the one person. “There is no bank in the world that accepts […]

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  • Are You Pricing Like Dennis Denuto?

    Nov, 03, 2015

    Or Ten Common Pricing Traps NB: An audio recording to accompany this post can be found here, and accompanying slides can be found here. In the 1997 movie “The Castle”, Dennis Denuto (played by Tiriel Mora) was the incompetent lawyer who tried to fight the compulsory acquisition of the Kerrigan’s family home. Denuto fell into the trap of […]

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  • Why You Should Experiment with Pricing

    Oct, 19, 2015

    If you don’t experiment with Pricing, you’re not doing Pricing Love him or hate him, you do have to give Ruslan Kogan credit for one thing: he has the appetite to experiment with his pricing that many companies lack. In mid June 2012, Kogan decided to apply a 6.8% “Internet Explorer Tax” on anyone who […]

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  • Do I high-ball or low-ball my price?

    Oct, 13, 2015

    An alternative to one of the most commonly asked questions in Pricing One of my favourite pricing cartoons[1] is that of a schoolgirl selling lemonade for $500, with the caption reading “I just want to sell one and call it a summer”. The cartoon epitomises one of the most commonly asked questions in pricing which, on first […]

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