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 What We Do?

PricingProphets has assembled a global panel of Pricing experts and thought-leaders to help you with the most important decision your business faces: Pricing. Our experts will tell you not only what price you should charge, but more importantly, why you should charge that price.

 Why We Do It?

Most people in business frequently talk to their accountant and their lawyer. But why don't they talk to a Pricing expert? Often, because they don't know we exist, never mind that there are alternatives to the 'traditional' cost-plus approach to Pricing.

Pricing Research and dedicated Pricing staff are cost-prohibitive for all but the largest of companies, and pricing conferences, workshops and books focus on the general, not the specifics YOU want answers for.

This had to change, and that change had to be affordable, accessible, egalitarian and timely, the four principles we adopted when we built

 How We Do It?

So many of today's challenges and problems are now being solved online. We asked ourselves "...why not Pricing problems?" and set about building the PricingProphets platform. You can upload your pricing challenge yourself, or we'll happily assist you. We send it to the most relevant experts, all of whom we've verified as experts in their field. Then, in about 7 working days time, log in to your secure workbench and see what the experts had to say about your pricing challenge.

 Our Experts

  • Experts Registered: 29
  • Total Years of Experience: 243
  • Total Industries Covered: 38
  • Typical Education: Post-Graduate or Masters Degree
  • Average Years of Pricing Experience: 9
  • Average Years of Marketing Experience: 7
  • Average Years of Commercial Experience: 19

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